Friday, April 22, 2011


The IFB is the Crown Jewel of Cults! There is so much brutality and viciousness that ABC 20/20 barely scratched the surface of the problems with the IFB.

Sexual abuse is just one of the IFB's many problems, extreme manipulation, mind control, great deception of them constantly telling you they are the only ones that have the truth and the only ones that will be saved!

Like others said in their posts, all IFBs are connected through their 'colleges' and it is impossible to get into a position of any authority within the IFB unless you graduate from one of their schools. In fact the school you attend and whose ministry you are under will determine your choices and options as a potential Pastor, Associate or Deacon at any IFB cult church.

The deception is subtle because most IFB cults are set up with a 'man of God' that will not teach many damnable heresies from the Pulpit, so they leave it up to the 'Handlers' to do all of the serious indoctrination...these would be the Sunday School teachers, the assistant and associate pastors, deacons, christian academy teachers, bus captains, etc...done behind closed doors where few or no one can see.

The 'man of God' is a cover up and when you make an issue that someone is teaching heresy such as 'you have to be baptized in an IFB Cult to be saved' they will quickly throw you out of the church -like they did with me- and the very person that said it -in this case the president of the bible institute at my old church Lighthouse Baptist San Diego- the criminal who had been teaching heresy and lies will of course deny that he ever was....even after he gets caught on an audio tape was not his voice.

We were personally defrauded out of our home within the IFB and out of our life savings in excess of $250,000 dollars. We have spent the last 14 months seeking justice and IFB cult leaders have hired a Private Investigation firm to deceive us, lie to us harass and threaten us with extorsion.

We have received numerous death threats. The main IFB Cult lawyer David Gibbs of the Christian Law Association is a hardcore criminal in disguise. Anything you tell Gibbs or the CLA about your church or Pastor they can and will use against you -there is no Attorney Client privilege with them- same with counseling if you go to the 'man of God' and tell him anything they will later use whatever you told them as extorsion 'there is no sanctity or privilege with anything you tell them, even if its of a personal nature and you did it for counseling or because they told you you had to "obey the Man of God' as if he was a moses figure or some kind of God that rules over your life...wich they do as well.

I have been to their conferences such as Pastors School in Hammond Indiana several times, I have stayed in the IFB dorms, I have spoken to and interviewed many HAC graduates and former students, I have heard many many stories from IFB cult survivors...It's all true...My family was brutally victimized by this cult and people that deny that the IFB is anything other than a brutal, vicious cult have no clue what they are talking about or have been extremely lucky not to be burned -yet- like so many others of us have been brutally victimized.

I tip my hat to the pastor that came out and admitted that the IFB is a Cult though knowing the mafia like mentality of these criminals in the ministry nothing will be done unless it is further exposed.

One of the people that defrauded us is Jim Carroll of Lighthouse Baptist Church an IFB Baptist Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have an open case for financial fraud against this church with the Colorado State Attorneys office...they are operating a fraudulent ponzi scheme and yes the arms of the law are very slow in investigating this.

I hope this is not all 'lip service' like so many other recent articles that have been written.

I have the most IFB Cult videos on youtube, my handle is 'reinavalera1865' and I also have a blog and a Facebook IFB Cult survivor page where we try to get legal, financial and counseling help for IFB Cult Survivors.

I applaud the efforts of other IFB Cult survivors who have worked to bring this issue to light.

The first step in change is education and awareness.

Though i was literally suicidal for a very long time and suffer from PTSD from all the brutal and vicious abuse I have been subjected to by the IFB Cult leadership, the Lord has healed many of my wounds and I love him very much and the light of life is slowly starting to come back in.

In Christ,

Allen Sanchez

Sunday, April 17, 2011